I express my sincere gratitude to our stakeholders for their every growing interest and faith in this institution. I am pleased to quote that today MAPS has a magnificent infrastructure and innovative style of teaching to fulfill the mission of education. Education forms the basic fabric of ones personality that moulds one into a complete human being. Our vision is to support the students in discovering their hidden potential in a healthy environment. We strongly believe that every student is unique having various inherited qualities and our education system facilitates and probates that uniqueness by nurturing the students in burden free and blissful atmosphere to make them thoughtful, imaginative, creative and productive

IToward the achievement of academic excellence in all forms and hues, the faculty adopts an endearing philosophy of teaching where focus is on encouraging experimental learning and knowledge rather than imposing on them. caution is needed to make a judicious choice. The rapid changes in technology and the accelerated pace of privatization and liberalization have created a new and distributing sense of uncertainty about the future in the minds of both parents and students.

IEducation should thus respond meaningfully and effectively to address to crucial academic burning issue. MAPS in its efforts to provide need-based quality education to the blossoming knowledge fraternity has decided to equip the children with programmatic skills so that they can face the future with renewed confidence and matchless courage. The future holds both threads and opportunities in its store for us. I am sure that motivated by the spirit of wholehearted collaboration and co-operation, the MAPS family is all set to take on the tough impending challenges in an epic manner.

Chairman, Johnsons ITI